Karen McGarrett is now accepting students for private instruction in Nacogdoches, Tx and Carthage, Tx.


To begin your own harp journey, please contact Mrs. McGarrett today regarding available lesson times!



Private lessons are offered weekly or bi-weekly 
and are available in half-hour and 1-hour increments.



$25 / half-hour lesson
$50 / 1 hour lesson



Rental harps and harps for purchase are available from several fine regional venues. Mrs. McGarrett
will be happy to assist in finding a
suitable instrument to begin your learning experience.


Private Lessons

Mrs. McGarrett loves working with her students to find musical styles and genres that inspire them to enjoy their time at the harp. She believes that each student learns differently and helps them to work at their own pace, as quickly or as slowly as the student is able to proceed. While no previous musical experience is required, she has discovered that students who have a piano background typically pick up the instrument much more quickly.  

Karen McGarrett has been playing the harp for 33 years, and has been teaching and performing for almost 25 years. Teaching is her favorite aspect of being a professional harpist! She welcomes students of all musical backgrounds, with or without previous musical experience. Mrs. McGarrett accepts students of all ages, from 8 to 80 - all are welcome and encouraged to begin learning to play this timeless instrument. 

Mrs. McGarrett is the currently the harp instructor on staff with Project String Power, a wonderful organization that enables students of many ages to experience and participate in playing with a string orchestra in an area that has few such opportunities. 

Karen has led classes and workshops all over the United States, including classes for harp ensemble, Irish harp, harp care, and other topics. Group classes are fun and exciting, and they give students a wonderful opportunity to play with and hear other harpists, in addition to honing rhythm and cooperation skills.

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